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  • Outlook needs to be installed on your Windows PC or Notebook.
  • Active internet access.

The server settings can be found in the webmail groupware. Log into your account, then select "Settings" in the menu bar. Click on "Accounts" on the left and then use "Edit" for the E-Mail to show the settings for incoming and outgoing mails. Please retain this information for usage during the next steps.

Our manual is based on Outlook 2013 / 2016, please be aware that some of the windows may differ in the version Outlook 2019. Please follow the written text for Outlook 2019.

Start with step 1.


Step 1

Start your Outlook client. If you have not yet set up a user, you can now add one by clicking "new...".

If you have already set up a mail account, click in the menu bar on "File" followed by "Info". Then click on "Add Account" below the already configured e-mail accounts.

Please select "Manual setup or additional server types" to start the set-up of your stoney mail account.


Step 2

Select "POP or IMAP" and click "Next".

Add your name to the "User information". As "Email Address", add the address you received from us.

In "Server Information" select "IMAP" as Account Type. The address of the incoming mail server is "imap.stoney-mail.com". For the outgoing mail server (SMTP), enter "smtp.stoney-mail.com".

As log-on information use the user name and password which you have received from us.

Click "More Settings..." to set additional the server details.


Step 3

Click on the Tab "Outgoing Server".

Activate "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication".

Select "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" to save the log-on data of your e-mail address.

In the tab "Advanced" you can control if the field for the "Incoming server (IMAP)" is set to 993 and "SSL". The "Outgoing server (SMTP)" should be set to 587 and "TLS".

Outlook 2019: Please note that "STARTTLS" is set.

Then, click "OK".


Step 4

Outlook will now test the account settings. If this is successful, press "Close".

The configuration is now complete, press "Finish" to end the assistant.




Step 5

Your Outlook client is now ready. Check if the settings are correct by sending yourself an email.

Thank you for using our email service.