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  • MAIL should be installed on your MAC.
  • Active internet access.

To obtain the correct settings, please open your web mail in the browser. In the menu bar on the top click "settings". Select "Account" on the left, then click on "Edit" for the E-Mail account.

Now you can see the server settings for incoming and outgoing mails. Keep this information at hand while you follow the next steps.

Start with step 1.


Step 1

Start your MAIL client and press "continue".

If you have already configured a mail-account, select "Mail" in the top left menu and then "preferences". Now you can click on the "+" sign in the bottom left corner to add an account.

Add for your full name your name.

Please enter the email address and password your have received from us and press "continue".


Step 2

Select "IMAP" as Account Type and enter a description for your Mail Server, for example "IMAP for <your name>".

Under "Incoming Mail Sever" enter "imap.stoney-mail.com".

As "User Name" use your e-mail address and the password we have sent to you.

Press "continue".


Step 3

Again, add the description for the outgoing Mail Server, for example "SMTP for <your name>".

Under "Outgoing Mail Sever" enter "smtp.stoney-mail.com".

Tick the box at "Use Authentication" and add your E-mail address as "User Name" and for "Password" the password which your have received from us.

Press "Continue".


Step 4

Check the account summary if the settings are correct and tick the box "Take account online".

Press "Create" to create your mail account.


Step 5

Your MAIL client is now ready. Check if the settings are correct by sending yourself an email.

Thank you for using our email service.