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  • DAVx⁵ needs to be installed. This can either be done via the Google Play Store or F-Droid. On Google Play Store the app has only a paid version, where as on F-Droid it is completely free.
  • Active internet access.

This guide describes how to synchronise your calendar and contacts to your phone with DAVx⁵.

Have your stoney mail e-mail address name and password ready.

Start with step 1.


Step 1

Open the DAVx⁵ app.

Click the arrow on the bottom right of the screen to start the set-up.

"Task support" does not need to be enabled. Skip this step using the arrow on the bottom right.


Step 2

Allow the app to have permissions to use the calendar and your contacts.

Click on the arrow on the bottom right again.

Adjust the "Regular sync intervals" setting to your liking and then click on the arrow on the bottom right.

If this setting is enabled, the app synchronizes your contacts and your calendar in the background.


Step 3

Click on the checkmark to finish the initial set-up.

Click on the plus symbol to login with your stoney mail access-data.


Step 4

Select "login with URL and user name".

Insert your stoney mail e-mail address and your password.

Use the following as your "Base URL":


Finally, click on "Login"


Step 5

Choose your E-Mail address as your "Account name".

Choose "Groups are seperate vCards" as your "Contact group method".

Then click on "Create account".


Step 6

You can now select which calendars and contact should be synchronized.

The set-up of DAVx⁵ is now completed.

Thank you for using our email service.