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This installation manual will explain the configuration of your MAIL client on a device with iOS with Active Sync.


You will need an Apple device and an internet connection.

Start with step 1.


Step 1

Add an account

Go to Settings on your iPhone and click on Mail

Click on Accounts.

Select Add Account.

Press Exchange to add your stoney mail account.


Step 2

Set up Exchange

Now enter your name.

As Email enter the address you have received from us. For example john.doe@example.com.

As description, enter a description which is later used to identify this account, for example: john.doe@stepping-stone.ch and press Next.

Password required

You now have to complete the form by entering your Password. The password is the one we have provided to you. Confirm by clicking on Next.


Step 3

Exchange server settings

Now you can add the server settings. The following example is based on the mail account john.doe@example.com.

As Server enter: groupware.stoney-mail.com.

For the Domain add the domain name, the part after the @. For example example.com.

The username is the part before the @, for example john.doe.

The password has been taken automatically from the step before.

Press Next to continue.


E-Mail john.doe@example.com

Step 4

Synchronise options

Now you can decide which functions you would like to synchronise. If you activate all, you will have your e-mail, contacts and calendar synchronised to your device.


Step 5

Complete MAIL

Your MAIL client is now configured. Check if the settings are correct by sending yourself an email.

If you receive a problem with connecting to the server, please open the settings again and make sure the domain is saved. If not, enter the domain again and save the settings.

Thank you for using our email service.