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  • OpenSync needs to be installed. This be done via the Google Play store where the app is called "Open Sync". The app is completely free.
  • Active internet access.

Have your stoney mail e-mail address name and password ready.

Start with step 1.


Step 1

The Permissions of the OpenSync app need to be changed, so that the calendar and the contacts can be synchronized.

Press on the app for a while and a menu will appear. Click on "App info" to get to the "App info" menu.

There, click on "Permissions".

It's possible that your menu will look a bit differently. This is the case, as the UI may vary between Android versions. It is important that you still follow these instructions, even if your settings app may look a bit different.

Select the "Calendar" and "Contacts" permissions and activate both.

If this is the case, you can return to the home screen.


Step 2

Go to the Android settings App and search for "Battery optimization".

After you found the correct setting, select it.

Select "All Apps" and search for "OpenSync".

Select "OpenSync" and click on "Don't optimize".

You can close the settings app now.


Step 3

Now open the OpenSync app.

Read trought the Open-Source information and click"maybe later".

The app now ask you if you want to install "Open Tasks".  Click "Don't show anymore"

Click on the plus symbol to login with your stoney mail access-data.


Step 4

Select "login with URL and user name".

Insert your stoney mail e-mail address as your "User name" and your password.

Use the following as your "Base URL":


Finally, click on "Login"


Step 5

Choose your E-Mail address as your "Account name".

Choose "Groups are seperate vCards" as your "Contact group method".

Then click on "Create account".


Step 6

Click on your account andselect which calendars and contact should be synchronized.

The set-up of OpenSync is now completed.

Thank you for using our email service.