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The server settings can be found in the webmail groupware. Log into your account, then select "settings" in the menu bar. Click on "Accounts" on the left and then use "Edit" for the E-Mail to show the settings for incoming and outgoing mails. Please retain this information for usage during the next steps.

Start with step 1.


Step 1

Click on "Next" on the welcome screen or use the "+" symbol on the K-9 home screen when your K-9 already have mail accounts set up.


Step 2

Enter the e-mail address and the password which you have received from us.

Then, click "Manual setup" to add the settings for your stoney mail.

Select "IMAP" as account type.


Step 3

In the "IMAP server" field please enter "imap.stoney-mail.com".

As Security choose "SSL/TTLS" and enter the Port 993.

The Username and Passwort field should already be filled out with the information you entered previously. 

Click "Next".


Step 4

For the SMTP server enter "smtp.stoney-mail.com".

The Security should be set to "SSL/TLS" and the Port should be automatically set to 587.

Click "Next".


Step 5

Configure the Account options as desired, then click "Next".

Now enter the account name and your own name, so you can identify this account later. You can name it "stoney mail" for example.


Step 6

Your k-9 Mail client is now ready. Check if the settings are correct by sending yourself an email.

Thank you for using our email service.