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  • Active internet access.
  • Groupware-Account
  • Evolution Mail-Client

Start with step 1


Step 1

Open your Evolution mail client.

Navigate to the calendar, by clicking "Calendar" in the bottom left hand corner.


Step 2

Create a new calendar. Click in the menu "File" on "New" followed by "Calendar".

Choose the calendar-typ "CalDav".

Enter all required information:

  • Name: the name of your calendar
  • URL: caldav://groupware.stepping-stone.ch
  • Tick "Use secure connection"
  • For "Username" and "User email"add your email address.

Followed by clicking on "Browse server for a calendar" to browse for the correct calendar.

The server now requires your password. Enter your password and confirm with "OK".

Now you can see, which calendars are available. Select the desired calendar (your calendar or one of the calendars of your colleagues) and confirm with "OK".


Step 3

You have added the calendar successfully. Continue by turning to "Contacts".

Navigate to the contact view, by clicking on "Contacts"in the left bottom corner.


Step 4

Create a new address Book by clicking on the menu "File" followed by "New" and clicking "Address Book".

Choose the contact type "WebDav".

Enter the required information:

Confirm with "Apply".

If necessary restart your evolution mail client, in order to view the changes.


Step 5

Your Evolution Mail Client is now configured correctly.

Thank you for using our Mail Services.