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  • Evolution has to be installed on your Computer.
  • Active Internet connection.

Start with Step 1.


Step 1

Start Evolution. If you start Evolution the first time, the "Evolution Account Assistant" will appear. If so please move on to Step 2.

If the Account Assistant does not appear, click in the Menu "Edit" on "Preferences".

In the Window "Evolution Preferences" click on "Add" to start the Account Assistant.


Step 2

Click on "Forward".

In the next Window click on "Forward" again.

Enter the required information your "Name" and your "Email Address". You can leave the optional information blank. Click on "Forward".


Step 3

Choose "POP" as Server Type. As Configuration fill in "pop.stoney-mail.com" as Server and your Username (your Email Address) as Username. Use "SSL encryption" as Secure Connection and choose "Password" as Authentication Type. Tick the "Remember password".

In the next Window "Receiving Options" click on "Forward".


Step 4

Choose "SMTP" as Server Type. At the Server Configuration type "smtp.stoney-mail.com" as Server and tick the "Server requires authentication". Choose "SSL encryption" as Secure Connection. Choose "PLAIN" as Type at the Authentication, fill in your Username (your Email Address) as Username and tick "Remember Password". Click on "Forward".

Enter your Name (your Email Address) and click on "Forward".


Step 5

Your configuration is now complete. Click on "Apply" to move on to the main window of Evolution.

In the main window click on "Send / Receive".

Enter your Password and make sure "Remember this password" is ticked. Click on "OK".


Step 6

Your Thunderbird Client is now configured correctly. Test your account by sending yourself an email.

Thank you for using our Mail Services.