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Share Calendar

In order to share your calendar with other users, you have to set your folder permissions. A manual to do so can be found in the following steps.


Step 1

Calendar settings

Open your calendar in the groupware and click on the 3 small lines next to your private calendar. Choose "Permissions" to open the permissions.


Step 2

Define person

Search for the e-mail address of the person which you would like to give permission to access your calendar. Finish this step by pressing "Enter".

In case you would like to give permission to all users of the groupware of your e-mail client, enter "Standardgruppe" and press "Enter".


Step 3

Folder permissions

You can now change the folder permissions and object permissions by clicking on the blue text.

You have 3 options:

  • view the folder: A viewer can read all existing objects. A viewer has no other permissions.
  • create objects: A reviewer can read and edit existing objects. The reviewer can not create new objects though. The re- viewer can not delete objects.
  • create objects and subfolders: An author is allowed to change or delete existing objects, to create and edit new objects, and to create subfolders.

For the object permissions different settings can be set:

  • The read permissions
  • The write permissions
  • The delete permissions

Here you have the choice between "none", "own objects" or "all objects".

The administrative right can not be given out, only the owner make administrative changes.


Step 4

Save changes

Click "Save" to save the settings.


Step 5

You have now set the permissions for others to see or edit your calendar.

In order for you to see other users calendar and appointments, please make sure they set the settings as described here.