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Vacation Notice

Create a Vacation Notice that will be sent as automatic reply when an e-mail arrives.


Step 1


Click the menu button on the upper menu bar and choose Settings from the dropdown.


Step 2

Open Vacation Notice Settings

Click on Mail followed by Vacation Notice in the left menu.


Step 3

Define Rules

Adjust the Configuration according to your needs.

Subject This line will be set as the Subject of the automatic e-mail.

Text Enter a text that will be sent as the content of the e-mail.

Number of days between vacation notices to the same sender How many days shall be waited until the sender receives the Vacation Notice again if he sends a Mail.

Enable the following addresses Choose the e-mail-sddresses which vacation notices should be sent for.

Send vacation notice during this time only Check the box to activate the Vacation Notice for the period defined underneath,

Start Choose the beginning date of sending automated Mails.

End Choose the end date of sending automated Mails.

Follow the instructions with step 4


Step 4

Check the rules

You have set your vacation notice.

Did you check both boxes, the address as well as the period?

Check your settings and leave the menu.