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  • Thunderbird should be installed on your Computer.
  • Active internet access.

The server settings can be found in the groupware web interface. Log into your account, then select "settings" in the menu bar. Click on "Accounts" on the left and then select "Edit" to show the settings for incoming and outgoing mails.

Please retain this information for usage during the next steps.

Start with step 1.


Step 1

Start your Thunderbird client. If no other mail account has been set up, click "Continue".

If another email account is already configured, press "File" in the menu followed by "New" and then "Existing Mail Account". Now you can add a new Mail Account. 

In case you don't see the menu bar, use the menu button on the top right and select "New Message" and then "Existing Mail Account".

Enter your full name.

For "e-mail address" and "password" use the address and password we have sent to you.

Click on "continue".


Step 2

For Incoming, first select "IMAP" and then add "imap.stepping-stone.ch" as Server hostname.

For Outgoing, enter "mail.stepping-stone.ch".

Verify that "Normal Password" is selected as authentication in both lines. The other entries (Port, SSL) do not need to be changed.

As "Username" enter your mail address in both field.

Click on "Re-test" and wait for the server reply. The correct ports are selected during this process. 

Now click "Done" to create your e-mail account.


Step 3

Your Thunderbird Client is now configured correctly. Test your account by sending yourself an email.

Thank you for using our Mail Services.