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This installation manual will explain the configuration of your MAIL Calendar on a device with iOS.


You will need an Apple device and an internet connection.

Start with step 1.


Step 1

Add an account

Go to Settings on your iPhone and click on Mail.

Click on Accounts.

Select Add Account.

Press Other.

Now click on Add CalDAV-Account.


Step 2

Set up CalDAV-Account

As Server enter the name of the server. For example groupware.example.com

As Username enter the mail address you have received from us. For example max.muster@example.com.

As password enter the password we gave you.

As description, enter a description which is later used to identify this account.

Press Next.


Step 3

Synchronise functions

Now you can decide which functions you would like to synchronise.

Click on Save.

Your calendar is now synchronised on your phone.