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Filter rules

Filters will automatically process incoming e-mail messages based on the rules you define.

Begin with step 1.


Step 1


Click the menu icon and choose settings.


Step 2

Open Filter Rules

Click mail in the menu on the left hand side, followed by Filter Rules, to open the e-mail Filter Rules.


Step 3

Defining Rules

Click add new rule to add a new filter rule.

Rule Name Choose a name for the Filter.

Click Add Condition to set conditions which will be applied to your e-mail messages.

Click Add Action, to choose an action.

In case of the rule Move to Folder, choose the folder messages should be moved to.

After the new action has been added, select the check-box Process subsequent rules even when this rule matches.

Click on Save to save your Rule.


Step 4

Check the Rules

The mail filter shows up in the list of Mail Filter Rules.